The Top Steak House, a 1950s supper club style fine dining restaurant, opened it’s doors in April of 1955, never knowing that it would become a Columbus, Ohio restaurant icon for years to come.

The Top was originally owned and operated by Lee Henry and Bill Sapp. The pair become known as quite the local restraunteurs, owning three of the most popular Columbus hot spots, The Top, the Kahiki and The Wine Cellar.

The Top was quickly adopted by many in the community as “the place to be.”  Providing live piano nightly and a classy dining experience, The Top was a local hang out for many politicians.  To accommodate this group, phone jacks were installed at every table for receiving and making phone calls for “important” business.

Today, The Top is still locally, owned and operated.  Top Steak House Pianist Sonia Modes whom has played the piano at The Top since 1965 says “There isn’t much difference.  Playing the piano last night was just like it was in 1965.”