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Holiday Gift Card Sale At The Top Steak House

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the annual Top Steak House Holiday Gift Card Sale is back!

Buy $100 in gift certificates and earn a $20 bonus card. Ends 12/31/2021.
By online, at the restaurant or by calling the restaurant at 614-231-8238.

Here’s how it works.
We offer two convenient options for gift card purchases: Purchase a printable gift card to be shared electronically or purchase in person at the restaurant. 

It’s really easy! Stop by, grab a martini at the bar and purchase your holiday gift cards while you kick back and relax. EASIEST shopping trip! 

Our printable gift cards are perfect for the holidays! Your recipient will instantly receive an email with a printable PDF gift certificate.

Step 1: Choose our $100 Gift Certificate option. Your bonus card will be automatically added to your order!

Please note: You can order a $200 certificate and your bonus card will be doubled , etc. However, only ONE bonus card will be issued with each purchase. If you would like multiple $20 bonus cards, you’ll need to purchase multiple $100 gift cards.

Step 2: On the next page, you’ll enter your billing information, followed by the names and email addresses for both the $100 gift card recipient as well as the bonus card recipient.

Step 3: Pay for your $100 purchase through your PayPal account or by entering a credit card number. Your $100 printable gift certificate will be emailed to the email address listed first, and your bonus gift card will be emailed to the email address listed second.

Step 4: The $100 gift card and the bonus gift card will be emailed separately. Both emails will include a PDF attachment voucher/gift card that can be easily printed. Just print, present at The Top Steakhouse, and enjoy!

PURCHASE GIFT CARD TO BE MAILED – Discouraged due to delivery theft.
The Top Steakhouse also offers traditional gift cards that can be delivered via mail!
Step 1: Select our $100 Gift Card option from the drop-down menu. Your bonus card will automatically be added to your order! If you choose this option, we will be adding a $10 shipping and handling fee and we cannot guarantee delivery. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. 

Step 2: Pay for your $100 purchase via PayPal or by entering a credit card number.

Step 3: The Top Steakhouse will mail both the $100 gift card as well as the $20 bonus card (through Dec. 31) to the mailing to the purchaser at the address for billing. 

Simply present your gift card(s) at The Top Steakhouse, and enjoy!
Should you have questions or need assistance with your order, please contact The Top Steak House at 613-231-8238 or by email at
Note, the bonus card has no restrictions on date or time of use. Gift cards are redeemable on your next visit.

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