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Top Steak House Response

We wanted to bring everyone up to speed on an incident that our general manager and co-owner, Jean Adkins, handled last Friday night, occurring between a bar patron and another group of diners. Upon thorough review of video surveillance footage, we have determined that the bar patron put his hand on the arm of a passing female diner from the group and made an unwanted comment toward her. Rather than notifying a staff member of the issue, the woman’s dining companion then aggressively approached the bar patron to address this unwanted comment, resulting in a physical altercation between the bar patron and the woman’s companion. At this point, one of our employees intervened to prevent further escalation, doing what he believed necessary to defuse the situation to protect the safety of all of our guests. Within 9 minutes of the initial comment, as verified on video surveillance, our owner Jean had taken control of the situation and asked the bar patron to leave the premises and he left immediately.

The Top is a family-owned, female-managed restaurant, so of course we take allegations of any form of harassment very seriously. Prior to the incident, our ownership had no knowledge of inappropriate behavior from the bar patron in question. The bar patron is not welcome back at the restaurant. Our No. 1 priority is maintaining a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all who visit The Top.

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